Ceramic Brakes Refurbishment

REBRAKE refurbishment service for ceramic brake discs

Modern sports cars or high-powered top models of the upper class are more and more equipped factory with expensive ceramic brake systems. Until now, worn or damaged rotors had to be replaced with expensive OEM parts. The replacing of one ceramic brake disc often costs 5.000,00 € or more.
With REBRAKE, the refurbishment service for used ceramic brake discs , worn or damaged ceramic brake discs are brought back into the new state, regardless of diameter, manufacturer or age of the rotors.

The process of refurbishment

In General, just the friction surface of the brakedisc is destroyed (1-1,5 mm) but the core (90% of the volume) is untouched. We are removing the destroyed layer and add new layers with surface. Such repaired ceramic brake discs are equal in their properties to completely new ceramic discs, even superior in part because of the higher degree of hardness of the surface.

Speed & Style is offering to customers in Greece the refurbishment service in collaboration with Rebrake by taking care of all steps of the procedure from uninstalling of the discs of the car till delivering the finished product. Contact us for details .