Power Upgrades

Chiptuning BMW 335i-135i-Ζ4 35i

1st Stage

Speed & Style features a performance upgrade from 400 nm torque at 480 nm for the N54 engine. With the increase in torque, the horsepower of 306 ps rises to 355 ps. With this improvement, the car is performing much better while retaining its reliability. (DME Reprogramming)

2nd Stage

In this case the torque rises to 550 nm and the horsepower to 390 ps.(DME reprogramming, free-flow downpipes). In case of intercooler replacement with another bigger intercooler it will reach 400 ps.

Chiptuning Mini Cooper S R56

Speed & Style has a horsepower upgrade for the Cooper S R56 from 175 rpm to 210 PS and torque from 240 to 280 NM. With this improvement, it achieves much better performance without affecting its linear and reliable operation.

Chiptuning BMW M3 E9x

Improvement of M3 consists of an all-round free-flow evaporation with racing catalysts and reprogramming of the DME unit. The horsepower thus rises from 420 to 455ps. The torque that was available after 4500 is now down to almost 2500rpm. As a result, the character of the car becomes explosive from very low rpm, while at the highs that were already strong it gets even better. Finally, in addition to the acceleration that changes for the better, the speed limiter is shifted from 270 km/h to the tire depending on the tire index up to over 330 km/h.